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  • FMyLife.Droid 2.0 is out !!!
    The new version for FMyLife.Droid is now available on the Google Play Store. It has changed so much, it is almost a completely new app

Our vision about apps

You can make an app with the greatest features and technologies but it won’t guarantee user satisfaction. If the user experience is ill-conceived, the application has very little chance to be a success. For us, the users should be able to make the most of an application in a minimum of time.

You use smart phones, right? But, do you have any idea on how smart these little devices are? You cannot imagine how many things can be done with your smartphone. Our apps aim to leverage the smartphone ingenuity to give you the most enjoyable experience.

There is nothing more irritating than an unreliable application. By unreliable, I mean applications that crash, are unsafe, consume too much power or access unnecessary personal data. We always aim to make the most reliable, safest, least consuming and most responsive apps.

After releasing an application, the job is far from being done. We listen to your feedbacks, we look for new ideas, we keep testing our apps and we push updates to improve the quality.

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