New Logo, New Typo, New Website

As my last contract was coming to an end, I had a look at my website to check what should be updated. What resulted from that quick inspection was that…Well… I did not like my logo, I did not like my website. To sum up, everything had to go.

So, I started looking for ideas, looking at different WordPress Themes, but I could not decide on anyone. My issue is I was not proceeding in order. First, I had to decide on the logo. I tried many combinations, even tried Logo creation tools. It was not conclusive but, they helped in a way. They helped me deciding on the kind of logo I wanted. After trying a bit more, the logo you can see on the front page was created. It may be nothing fancy or spectacular but being no designer and I am quite happy with it. At the same time, I realized the company name typography could be different. I decided to use Arkhip font (, it is a Russian font with a Modern Soviet feel.

So now that I had a new logo and a new typography, finding the theme for my website became much easier. I ended up choosing Bateaux ( I like the minimalist, clean and modern feel of this theme. After that, I only had to update the previous content for the new site. I also removed the previous blog entries as their content was out of date. Anyway, welcome to the new website