An Android App to access stories from but primarily my first Android Application 

F... My Life, my very 1st app

FMyLife.Droid was my First Android Application ever published. It was a client to access stories from I use why because until recently (July 2017), the application was still available on the Play Store. However FMyLife new management decided to close the access to 3rd party applications


Read Stories
The application allows users to read all FMyLife Stories: Most Recents, Tops/Flops, Categories, Random and Search for them
FMylife Account
A user could sign in to his account or create one, to access more features like commenting on a story or voting it up or down.
Write new stories
Users were able to write and submit new FMyLife story to the website
Moderate Stories
When a story is submitted, it is first approved by the community, if enough people like the story. It is submitted to the redaction. FMylife.Droid allowed users to vote on submitted stories
Access FMyLife websites from different countries: France, Italy, Sweden and Spain..


First Version

This was the initial version, running on Android 1.5 and initially release in  2010. Certainly a showcase on how not to design an Android Application. 

Latest Version

After this first attempt, I updated the app to a slightly better designed version. In addition to the previous version, this application had better supports for tablets