Your Smart Reminder App

Make Reminders smart again

Ringooz is an application that helps you remembering all the little things in life like: getting some milk after work, or calling back a friend, or checking a nearby shop.
Leveraging the Android platform, Ringooz notifies the user at the desired time and location. These reminders can embed a note, a voice note and even predefined actions.

Smart Notfications
When creating a reminder, a user can choose to be reminded at a specific time, at a specific location, or a combination of both. He can also repeat the notification until a date or after a number of occurrences
Embedded Actions
The reminders can embed some actions, the user can perform when notified. These actions are making a call, sending a text, launching the camera or launching an external application.
The current version is now really old (4 years). I am working on a new version for Ringooz re-using the same feature and adding new ones.